“The best story breaker I’ve ever met! My book and I are so glad I hired you!”
– Carrey Lolan

Reach out directly to Trai for a personal one-hour Storybreaking session. One hour of intensive story development to get you ready to write!


Send in your screenplay or manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) and you’ll get 4-6 pages of notes that looks closely at your character development, narrative style, dialogue, scene and story structure, and make suggestions for what can be improved upon.

At the end of this analysis, you’ll not only see your manuscript with the clarity of a trained pro, you’ll see exactly how you can improve it.

MANUSCRIPT (Fiction or Nonfiction, 80K – 100K words): $750
For every 10,000 words above 100,000, it’s an additional $100.

TELEPLAY 1/2 Hour: $175
TELEPLAY 1 Hour: $250


Send in your screenplay or manuscript (fiction or nonfiction) and you’ll get 15-20 pages of notes, including invaluable on-page editorial notes.

For newer writers, Page Notes are like getting your own master writing class! The objective is to educate and elevate: you’ll learn a ton about the craft, but you’ll also learn about your own personal style.

For every writer, Page Notes shows you how to take a quantum leap forward for your next draft.

MANUSCRIPT (Fiction or Nonfiction (80K – 100K words): $975
For every 10,000 words above 100,000, it’s an additional $100.

TELEPLAY 1/2 Hour: $275
TELEPLAY 1 Hour: $350


For clients who would like guidance as they write, Craftwrite offers hourly consulting. Whether it’s evaluating pages, revisions, or storybreaking, you’ll get the input you need to keep moving forward.



Building a bridge between the artistic sensibility and the administrative, strategic one is just what CraftWrite specializes in! Trai has been helping creative people build a solid foundation for their businesses for 20 years. 

Whether you’re just ready to organize your creative projects and services into a business you can easily run or your  company is ready to implement new ideas and strategic thinking, CraftWrite can help you create the platform, fine tune the identity, and write the roadmap.

CraftWrite will partner with you in creating a viable, practical Business Plan, one specially tailored to make your project or services, anticipate barriers to entry, and organize the Big Picture into actionable steps.

If you or your company is looking to reach buyers, CraftWrite will help you:

• Evaluate the Marketplace
• Target desirable buyers and their wants and needs
• Create opportunities for audience development, community outreach and cross-promotions
• Enhance your presence in the marketplace by developing your identity as well as your product/service.
• Look to the future, and create a viable project list that will grow your brand in a manageable way

We’ll explore options for the following:

• Branding, Business Plan, and Mission Statement
• Market placement, demographics & comparables
• Marketing Materials and Campaign Design
• Budgeting! Financials!
• Roadmap Next Steps — what needs to be done when for an exceptional launch

Hourly rate: $75


Many writers complete the best possible version of their screenplay, novel or non-fiction proposal, but aren’t certain what the next step is. Let CraftWrite’s professional experience and insight help you get your work to the right people.

While CraftWrite is not a representation service and cannot submit the work on your behalf, you will be provided with a targeted list of ideal submission destinations. Included will be:

• An overview of the process of submitting to Hollywood or the traditional publishing world
• Partnering with you on your pitch and query letter
• A list of 20 agencies and 20 production companies/publishers who are ideal matches for your material



Think you might need some help to create the best possible Sales Materials for your book or script? Trai can read materials and generate a compelling, sales-friendly, and professional 2-page Synopsis for you!

Treatments are tricky. A good one needs to tell the whole story of your book or film in just 10-12 pages, and it needs to do it in a way that blows the mind of the read. It needs to capture tone, plot, character, and all the reasons why the reader would want to take that story to the next level. But what if you aren’t sure about these elements? Trai can either adapt a book into a film treatment, or help a writer of any genre develop and then compose a treatment ready to fly out the door.

Got a story you’re dying to see on screen or in a novel, but aren’t much of a writer yourself? Trai is for hire as either a screenwriter or a ghost writer.
SCREENWRITER:  $5000 – $15,000

To inquire about Craftwrite’s services or to engage Trai Cartwright for a workshop, please go to our Contact Page.

Trai’s Storychanneling psychic medium services

Energy Readings & Healings Private Sessions
While Trai has engaged with dead people and entities from beyond her whole life, in the past four years she’s made a concentrated effort to learn more about wrangling her abilities and making them available to help her fellow seekers.

Trai has been certified in four different modalities of energy healing, and currently offers support for:

Aura & Chakra Reading and Clearing
It’s always astonishing to clients how much better they feel after an aura and chakra clearing. Who knew that so much interference could be collected (or planted) in our energetic fields? Or how readily they can be cleared, never to return. Everything from cords, portals, contracts, equipment, and karma from this life and past ones can be removed. This is a great way to clear the way for the body to be able to heal, or to invite in beneficial energies for moving forward!

House & Land Healings
Our homes can acquire and retain energies that aren’t always in our best interests, making entire rooms, closets, floors, or just corners feel aggitating or foreboding. An indepth look at your home, business, or land can reveal where energy is stuck and stored, if there might be portals inviting in (or draining) other energies, and if there’s anything else from this dimension or another interfering with your happy home. Clearing these energies can make all the difference to your daily and ongoing mood, mindset, and productivity — you might even sleep better!

Past Life Readings & Karma Clearing
The narrative of our lives began long ago – why not see into the past for the lessons that can help you move forward — and remove old patterns while you’re at it? Your higher self dictates the two (sometimes three) lives to be examined to demonstrate where old patterns of behavior or beliefs were created, how they are influencing our current lives, and once read, it’s time to release that old energy! Ever wonder how exactly a person is supposed to be able to “let go” of whatever isn’t of service to you — here’s one valuable way!

Choose your own adventure, and/or do a bit of everything! These one-on-one sessions are ideal for looking at how your soul, body, and aura are currently operating and where you might need some support and clearing. Or, come in with a project!
Fee:  $299 / 3 hours, booked at your convenience,:

Feel free to reach out in advance to discuss what you’d like to address.