Trai Cartwright's Editorial and Writing Services.
When it's time to take your creativity seriously!

Being creative is a team effort on a soul level. Writers do much of their work alone, but to build a book or a screenplay that will entice publishers and producers as well as thrill the audience, they need help. They need “other eyes.”

Trai Cartwright address all your creative needs, on every level.

The best possible assistance makes you see your work clearer and with greater depth, demonstrates the vast potential in your story and your skills, and leads the way to a higher level of craft and emotional connection.

Trai Cartwright has some of the best “other eyes” available. Whether you’re working on a book, short story, screenplay, or teleplay, her expertise and uncanny story development instincts will pave the way to a fully realized vision.

Many of Trai’s clients have published, many more are heading to the marketplace, and all have received a master class in their own writing, the kind of instruction that transforms not just stories but the writers themselves.

Whether you need help elevating your creative vision or need guidance plunging into the marketplace, Craftwrite can help make everything you do better.

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“When I attended your workshop on Intuitive Structure, I immediately wanted to call my publisher and say, ‘No, no it’s not ready yet!’”

“Trai not only has theoretical knowledge about good story construction, more importantly she possesses a kind of sixth sense and can sniff out what makes a story strong.”

“Phew! It’s like therapy for my character!!”

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