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2023 Colorado Gold Writers Conference
Sept. 8-10, 2023
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver
I’ll be teaching two workshops among the plethora of amazing faculty and agents.  See you there!
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Production Management
Thursdays 6PM – 9PM
Oct. 12th  – Dec. 7
8 Weeks Online

Whether you’re a producer, writer, or director, you need to have these skills! And why wouldn’t you want to know how to make your own stuff?? Whatever the medium (film, pilot, web series, shorts), this class will give you the ground up fundamentals for knowing how to get it from script to screen. You’ll learn how to:  what crew does and who to hire; breakdown a script for schedule and budget; production design; location scout and secure; landing your dream cast; raising money; hiring crew; contracts and legal; managing post-production; and most importantly, marketing & distribution. Trai has produced 4 indie features and a dozen short form projects, and has taught this class at a range of film schools. This is a jam-packed, no-foolin’, how to independent produce your movie online class—for cheap!

Pay to Register:  $350:

Trai is taking the summer off from the
Denver Screenwriters Meetup! 
More MFA level classes for just $25 annually coming later this year. Join us then!

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