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How’d They Do That??

Wednesdays 6PM – 9PM MST / 7PM – 10PM CST
Feb. 28 – April 3
6 Weeks Online

Want to know a secret way to learn how to write for the screen (and not just for ourselves)?? This course offers a high-level education on how a script was “translated” to the screen by it’s crew. It’s stunning the number of choices that get made based on our pages — sometimes successful, and sometimes bizarre or worse, ruinous. Looking at scenes from the director’s (and the editor’s!) point of view helps us write in ways that communicate with greater efficacy to our crew. We’ll look at a range of movies (you’ll read the script and watch the movie) across genres, and breakdown essential scenes and concepts that either improved on the storytelling — or missed the mark! 

Pay to Register:  $300:

Movies we'll study:

1. Barbie  (musical comedy)
2.     Chronicle or Looper (Contemporary Low Budget Scifi. I can't decide, so we'll debate!)
3.      American Fiction (Drama)
4.      Interstellar  (SCIFI)
5.      Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse  (VISUAL WEIRDNESS ACTION)
6.      Are You There God, it’s Me, Margaret.  (YA) 

Developmental Fundamentals to Radically Elevate Your Writing
Thursdays 6 – 9PM MST / 7 – 10PM CST

April 4 – May 23, 2024
8 Weeks Online

Demystify the process–and business–of screenwriting! Building the Better Screenplay is all about applying the 6 key development questions at the heart of every well-executed story. Whether you’re just getting started or deep into this fantastic medium, this class helps writers “crack” their story and its themes. We’ll discuss mastering the core concept and character creation, and breakdown the story beats of modern screenwriting in detail. Plus, we’ll talk about how to market your script when you’re done. Join 30-year Hollywood pro and university professor Trai Cartwright for 8 intensive weeks of craft insight and workshopping your pages!

Pay To Register:  $350.00

Trai is taking time off from the
Denver Screenwriters Meetup
More MFA level classes for just $25 annually coming later this year. Join us then!

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